Saturday, 9 January 2016

Colour! Colour! COLOUR!!!!

     I recently fell into conversation with someone about the textile/clothing designer, Kaffe Fassett.  If you've found this blog through my twitter account or through searching out male/men/knitters/knitting, then no doubt, you will have heard of him already.   If not, here's his Wiki entry. That conversation lead me to revisit some web searches about his work and to seek out his latest designs.  In the process, I came across a great blog post which hit upon Kaffe's work in a tangential way, via his one-time-lover, Bill Gibb. His is a fascinating tale in itself but what pulled their two stories together in a triumph of design over accident was their love of colour and pattern.  I could go on and on about their work, but the blog I've mentioned, the V&A archive and general internet searching will tell you about it far better than I ever could.
What I do want to draw your attention to though is the central theme of Kaffe's work: colour.  Indeed, Kaffe is quoted as saying, " If in doubtadd twenty more colours".  With this mantra ringing through my head, I once dressed a charity shop window with colour being the only criteria.  Clashing, rich, jewel-like colours give warmth to winter wardrobes and should not be overlooked when choosing your jumper knitting palette for the season.  We all find that we are drawn to certain colours - indeed, the Ravelry website asks you to list your favourite colours on your profile, mine are mainly blues and greens, but more and more I find I am drawn to burgundy and plums.  Strange then that come Winter time, we all hibernate in browns, blacks, greys and sombre hues.  Whether you are fair skinned or dark skinned, colour IS an option; it's just about finding the right one(s) for you.

Finally, this is a design I'm currently knitting.  It started as a cowl scarf that I knitted on a trip to Berlin a few years ago.  I wasn't working from a pattern and the size of the cowl wasn't quite right - just a bit too big to be a snug tube and not long enough to wrap around a couple of times.  So, I took the plunge and am turning it into a cardigan, braving my first experience of 'Steeking' where you have to cut your work! Eek!!  I'm currently thinking I couldn't possibly wear these colours as a cardigan, so I'm planning on dying the finished work.  It could be a disaster.....and if it is, it will be shuffled off to the back of my wardrobe.  Or, it could be a colour triumph.  We'll have to wait and see.

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