Wednesday, 10 February 2016


One of the problems in starting a blog is that you really do have to keep it going!

My excuse for the hiatus is that since the middle of January I've been rather unwell with chesty/throaty/coughy/nasty winter bugs and, to be frank, keeping up a blog was the least of my worries.  But, in these 'lost' weeks, I haven't been idle, nor boring.  I've just come back from a short break in Berlin with my partner (there'll be more pics to come) and the last couple of months have seen me knitting like a wild thing with project after project being churned out....some more successful than others.  Below is a smattering of some of the things I've been working on.

 I've been knitting lots of samples of fairisle/stranded knitting to use in a workshop demonstration I've been asked to facilitate at the Bella Crafts centre near Eastleigh, Hants in March.
 This chunky brioche cowl was originally a very long scarf that I'd knitted for my partner but which was starting to look like it had seen better days.  So, much to his consternation, I frogged it and re-knit.  I had fully intended on another scarf for him...but it didn't quite work out that way.  Oops!
 Not wanting to lose my crochet bug, I made this button up cowl.  I'd hoped my mum would like it, but apparently it's "not her thing".  Oh well, I'll keep it back from another time and another person.
 I had a new year's resolution to knit more things in-the-round, particularly small things like mittens and socks.  With my fairisle workshop in mind, I downloaded a plain generic mitten pattern from ravelry and knit a simple three colour triangles design.  Such a seamingly simple pattern couldn't go far wrong, could it?  Well, the diagram pattern had very limited instructions and I just couldn't get the thumb position right and the overall gauge was just far to small for me.  But, it will serve it's purpose as an educational tool.
 Hats, hats and more hats!  It's been a bit of a recurring theme as the shape is just so simple and gives freedom to create many different colourwork designs and to use up lots of odd skeins in my stash.  One of my other new year's resolutions for 2016 is to learn the technical language of pattern writing so I can share my designs.

 Finally, I have a thing for zigzags and this workshop sample is to show people how you can use variegated yarns to add further interest without having to change yarns all the time.  One project I completed a couple of years ago was Brandon Mably's Balkan jumper which uses this idea to great effect.

All being well, normal service should resume and I hope this new venture of blogging will become as fruitful as my knitting.

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