Sunday, 24 April 2016

Reluctant Teacher

 BellaCrafts is a lovely craft shop near Eastleigh and Hedge End in Hampshire.  They recently invited me come and give a talk about my knitting experiences and to host a work shop which introduced the basics of fairisle and stranded knitting.  I have to admit to being rather reluctant and nervous to begin with.  I wasn't sure if I was really qualified to instruct this kind of thing, but I thought I'd give it a go.
 In preparation for the workshop, I wanted to design a few projects that attendees to could make on the day or complete at home.  I didn't realise what a task this would be as it's difficult to gauge who might attend such a workshop and what their skill levels/previous knowledge might be.   
I started with a simple beanie shape and got my graph paper out to design several motifs that could be used around the hat.  Then, I adapted the pattern for two smaller, quicker projects: a hairband and a wristband.  The biggest challenge was to put my design to paper and write a pattern that was both intelligible and informative yet concise.  I'm not schooled on the finer points of pattern writing, so I got a few friends to have a go at knitting from my pattern and theirs seemed to come out ok.  Also, they gave me some helpful tips for the future.

The two motif designs I took to the BellaCrafts workshop were a fish pattern (Bella Pesci) and one of rabbits (Wunny Babbits). The fish design came about because the craft shop is situated next to a tropical fish store which had gorgeous Koi carp swimming in a pond outside.

Here's a couple of pics of finished work by two of the ladies who came along.  They took away my pattern and completed two Wunny Babbit hats in their own colours and adding their own twists to the design.  I think you'll agree, they did a great job.

Wunny Babbit pics from BellaCrafts facebook page - check them out!

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